Systemtech in collaboration with Cyber School Technology Solutions(CSTS), HP and Microsoft in Nigeria is poised to revolutionize the Nigerian educational system by delivering world class E-learning tools to all schools nationwide for great benefits to teachers, students and the school as a whole. This is the use of audio-visual support package in strengthening the teaching and learning of core science subject and mathematics.

CSTS Learning Videos clips:

CSTS Product Packages:

This is a series of DVDs of 3 volumes for each subject containing the digital library content for each subject. the Virtual Lab comes in 1 DVD and contains 25 experiments per subjects

Cyber School Technology Solutions (CSTS) is an ISO-9000:2000 Certified Company, is a premier provider of quality educational services offering world-class solutions to enhance the online educational environment globally. Specializes in the production of multimedia training tools that enhance the quality of teaching.

Our Solution Areas cut across the following


The CSTS Math Module use animation and interactive exercise to provide concept clarification to enable students to learn numbers, shapes and equations. This module also helps students acquire mastery over fundamental skills like problems solving. CSTS also offers recreational introductiions to the world of math that will lead to deeper understanding and enjoyment of the subject, also concepts are ecplained with real life examples to help students appreciate the mathematics of every day life.

CSTS reduces the work load of the teachers too. most teachers depend on different sources to build a databank of exercise and worked out examples, However CSTS's Math module provides a single repository of formula, examples, puzzles, homework, assessments and more that reduces the workload of the teachers


In the Biology Modules, CSTS brings various organisms and key concepts and processes in Botany, Zoology and Medicine to digital life. Students can perceive the facts of sense organs respond to external stimuli.

The Various physiological processes that occur within the cells of animals and palnts are clearly explained by various processes such as diffusion, osmosis and active transport. Students learn a great deal about the human body. plant, animal and much more.

For example: The process of germination is animated and visually represented. The time taken for the process is speeded up. This gives students the experience of a field trip. It also gets over the difficulty of waiting for days on end for the plant to germinate, grow and bear flowers and fruits. They can easily observe - fast forward or rewind the different stages in the enthralling world of virtual reality.


CSTS brings complex chemical compositions to digital life and helps students comprehend the structure of atoms and molecules through multimedia animations in it's chemistry module. This module engage students in the exploration of complex scientific principles through chemical investigations. This enabling the students to visualise and understand the complex concepts of chemistry in a simple and systematic manner.

Students can explore the world of elements and compounds through interactive modules which will enable them to construct their own compounds and molecules.

Interesting and complex processes of manufacturing are also beautifully demonstrated in simple and easy to follow steps. for example: The processes of manufacturing is explained with a series of simple, clear cut animations. Thus enabling the student to quickly grasp and understand the entire process.


CSTS's Physics modules allows students to explore the world of physics by understanding concepts thoroughly and perform experiments independently to help them understand scientific principles and receive guided instruction in important scientific concepts.

Students can observe how the system responds - positively or negatively to changes in parameters, The limitations of school laboratory are overcome and the student is able to go beyond the restricted environments of the classroom and school to see and examine aspects that night otherwise be out of reach.

The hands-on experience help students develop skill of observation, experimentation and analysis of data obtained as well. what's more, experiments and demonstrations that cannot be set up in school laboratories are realistically handled in our module.

CSTS Virtual Lab


Virtual Lab from CSTS offers students innovative ways of learning. The course material provides a totally new and radical approach to learning science in contrast to the conventional textbook approach, CSTS Virtual Lab module enables students to try their hands at exiting experiments and activities at home, or at school to help enhance the learning experience of students. CSTS Virtual Lab modules contain visually captiviting and dynamic 3D simulations that makes for great teachning and learning, with an array of richly animated experiments, CSTS's Virtual Lab is sure to make it a really exciting experiment for the teachers and the taught.


PHYSICS - 25 Experiments CHEMISTRY - 25 Experiments BIOLOGY - 25 Experiments

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